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The Bulgarian Butchery Company is part of the portfolio of Qatar Management Agency Qatar and its first investment in the field of livestock and meat production. The company works in very close cooperation with Qatar Management Agency Bulgaria - the livestock and meat are coming from Bulgaria, located in Eastern Europe.
Bulgarian Butchery Company successfully exports livestock through the Bulgarian ports to many states of the Arabian Gulf and Middle East region, such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the Libyan Republic, Qatar and others. The company is also successfully importing fresh, chilled and frozen lambs, goats, calves and poultry meat from Bulgaria. The meat is with finest taste and high bio-quality. In 2015 Bulgarian Butchery Company opened its own company butchery shop in Doha in which customers could find rich variety of Bulgarian meat products – lambs, goats, calves and poultry, plus many gourmet and sausage products, and a huge range of other tasty options.
Meanwhile Bulgarian Butchery Company aims to cooperate with other Qatari companies in order to promote more investment opportunities in food and to provide the finest and highest quality food products for the consumers in the local market.