QMA Bulgaria

NOOR FARMS Ltd has been established in 2015 in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. It is part of the companies owned by the investment company Qatar Management Agency, which is part of the portfolio of Qatar Management Group, represented by Sheikh Mohamed Jassim A.A.Al-Thani.
The main segment from Noor Farms’ business activities is the stock-breeding – growth, fattening, producing and the export of fresh, chilled and frozen meat with the best quality and environmental-friendly way of producing. Providing the high and bio quality meat has been achieved by the free-raising of the animals and their feeding with clear and natural forages.

The main aim of Noor Farms is to supply high-quality Bulgarian products to the worldwide markets  and to provide a huge variety of meat products to its clients and the final customer. The company already exports successfully Bulgarian ecologically-clear fresh and chilled meat – lambs, goats and calves to Qatar, as in other Gulf countries and Europe.
The whole production has been certificated from the all Halal standards, which guarantee the process has been done according to the Islamic requirements. Every single batch of fresh, chilled and frozen meat possessed original Halal Certificate, issued from the Grand Mufti of the Islamic creed in Bulgaria.