QMA Bulgaria

Future Projects


Qatar Management Agency is planning to continue with successful business concepts and company’s expansion with new projects which will be realized in very close future.


Estimating the good environment for such business Qatar Management Agency is developing the idea of creating one-of-a-kind investment fund for investments in agriculture, livestock breeding and food manifacturing. The main aim of the company is to attrack more investors by creating possitive image of Bulgaria and to reveal its potential in producing high-quality products. Currently the company is working permanently and hard on finding and developing the best investment scheme, creating a professional team and finding investors.


As well Qatar Management Agency is starting consulting business which will provide different consulting services for investors and companies decided to build their own business in Bulgaria.
The company will offer full advice guide for foreigners, who need help in setting up, growing and organizing their Bulgarian economical or commercial activities. The consulting company will provide detailed information on the key steps in the investment process, namely visa and residence of foreigners in Bulgaria registering a company (registration procedure and types of companies), acquisition of immovable property and the resulting rights and obligations, franchise and mergers and acquisitions of companies. Developing a successful business in Bulgaria requires a good knowledge of this complex matter which includes tax law, customs regime, work permits, building and construction permits, bank and credit institutions, as well as litigation and arbitration. Our company will provide such type ofcomprehensive information applicable to the activities of every investor, whether it wishes to start or already conducts a business in Bulgaria.The main focus will be to consult in a professional manner how an investor can better plan, organize and manage the its businesses.